We at IEEJ, desire to foster the more useful and extensive use of electricity in our society and individual lives. In order to make it realized, we think it is needed for us to take an initiative to provide arenas where people inside and outside IEEJ can communicate and collaborate such that our wide-range activities there can produce synergistic results.


Message from Chairperson


Thomas A. Edison started his electric utility service in New York City some 140 years ago, when incandescent light bulbs became available to ordinary people; since then, electricity has been penetrating into the society at the unprecedented pace in line with the innovations of related technologies. Thus, electricity is now a commodity as essential as water and air, and we can go as far as to say, “The world is made of electricity.” We are seeing significant changes through the entire supply chain from generation to consumption: introduction of solar and wind power generation on the supply side, and smart phones and EVs on the demand side.
We established this Committee on Social Engagement of IEEJ in February 2020, which is designed to disseminate knowledge about electricity which is now ubiquitously and conveniently used thanks to great efforts for its penetration and evolvement by many researchers and engineers.
Our Committee activities include publishing educational books, posting educational movies, providing materials to be used for experiments on electricity and helping local schools and communities hold such events as cultural lectures and scientific classes.  You can freely participate in those activities, whether you are IEEJ Members or not. Let’s work together to utilize these opportunities through sharing information, exchanging idea for implementation, and thereby connect electricity and society more tightly.

OMORI Takahiro; Chairperson 2021-2





Let's use the video


The following videos are publicly available (in Japanese): 


What is the principle of a speaker?  link to YouTube


What is the principle of a motor?  link to YouTube


What is electromagnetic induction?  link to YouTube


How can electric power be transmitted over long distances?  link to YouTube


You can also get experimental equipment, manuals, etc. associated with the videos.  Click Here






Let's read the book and booklets


The following books and booklets are published (in Japanese): 


Samuel Insull - A Forgotten Founder of the Electric Utility Business Model  Open the Guide


Vol.1 What Is Electricity?  Open the Booklet


Vol.2 Electricity in Our Life  Open the Booklet


Vol.3 Back to The Basics of Electricity  Open the Booklet


Vol.4 Back to The Basics of Electricity  Open the Booklet


Vol.5 How Is Electricity Generated?  Open the Booklet


Vol.6 How Is Electricity Stored?  Open the Booklet


Vol.7 Smart Use of Safe and Reliable Electricity  Open the Booklet


You can also get additional messages associated with the bolls and booklets.  Click Here



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