We at IEEJ, desire to foster the more useful and extensive use of electricity in our society and individual lives. In order to make it realized, we think it is needed for us to take an initiative to provide arenas where people inside and outside IEEJ can communicate and collaborate such that our wide-range activities there can produce synergistic results.


Message from Chairperson



Since Thomas Edison started his electric power utility business some 140 years ago so that the lighting by electric incandescent bulbs became available to the general public, things in our daily life have evolved at an unprecedented pace. Nowadays, electricity is as indispensable as water and air, and it is no exaggeration to say, “The world is made of electricity”.

In recent years, "sustainability" has received socially wide recognition and is often cited as one of the most important keywords for the times. In this context, the government, academia and industry are engaged in their respective efforts to achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions, and electricity has consequently become essential to our society and individual life. Meanwhile, I consider it is crucial to gain the understanding and support on the further penetration of electricity from both professionals and ordinary people. It is, thus, important to enhance our activities to draw more attention of the next generation to be interested in electricity because they will lead the world to come very soon.

The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan established the Committee on Social Engagement of IEEJ in February 2020 with an objective to make electricity more familiar to and disseminate basic knowledge of electricity to the general public.

As part of our working activities, we publicize educational booklets and videos, provide electrical experiment teaching materials, and help sponsor field culture and science classes.

We will welcome your proactive participation in those working activities where a wide variety of people are to get together, whether you may be from inside or outside the Institute. We also encourage you to utilize these arenas to share information, exchange ideas and put them into practice, as a connecting point of electricity and the society.

NAKAYA Ryuji; Chairperson 2022-3





Let's use the video


The following videos are publicly available (in Japanese): 


What is the principle of a speaker?  link to YouTube


What is the principle of a motor?  link to YouTube


What is electromagnetic induction?  link to YouTube


How can electric power be transmitted over long distances?  link to YouTube


You can also get experimental equipment, manuals, etc. associated with the videos.  Click Here






Let's read the book and booklets


The following books and booklets are published (in Japanese): 


Samuel Insull - A Forgotten Founder of the Electric Utility Business Model  Open the Guide


Vol.1 What Is Electricity?  Open the Booklet


Vol.2 Electricity in Our Life  Open the Booklet


Vol.3 Back to The Basics of Electricity  Open the Booklet


Vol.4 Back to The Basics of Electricity  Open the Booklet


Vol.5 How Is Electricity Generated?  Open the Booklet


Vol.6 How Is Electricity Stored?  Open the Booklet


Vol.7 Smart Use of Safe and Reliable Electricity  Open the Booklet


You can also get additional messages associated with the bolls and booklets.  Click Here



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