We at IEEJ, desire to foster the more useful and extensive use of electricity in our society and individual lives. In order to make it realized, we think it is needed for us to take an initiative to provide arenas where people inside and outside IEEJ can communicate and collaborate such that our wide-range activities there can produce synergistic results.


Message from Chairperson



     The word "electricity" includes various phenomena such as static electricity, electric current, and electromagnetic waves. Its applications are also very diverse, but can be broadly classified into two categories: those used as energy, such as power, lighting, and heat sources, and those used for information and communication, such as computers and cellular phones. Both energy and information and communication are very important in supporting the modern world and society.

     Modern "electricity" technology has been developed by many great scientists and engineers including Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, Graham Bell, and John von Neumann, and has created the situation today where we can truly say that "the world is powered by electricity.” In recent years, the realization of a carbon-neutral society has become a reality, electricity as an energy source is becoming more and more important for this purpose. Electricity is also becoming more important and indispensable as an information and communication infrastructure to support the rapidly advancing IT and digital societies.

     The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ) provides a forum for researchers and engineers from educational institutions, companies, and other organizations that support these technologies, but it will become more important to gain the understanding and engagement[oy1]  of not only specialists, but also the general public, including students and children. The Social Collaboration Committee is an organization established in February 2020 with the hope that many people in the world will also become familiar with electricity.

     In the Committee on Social Engagement of IEEJ, we have created opportunities for experienced members, young members, and non-members to actively participate individually and collaboratively, and we are promoting activities such as producing video contents, experimental tools, and various books and pamphlets, utilizing the web, and supporting elementary and secondary education. Through these activities, we hope to further deepen the connection between electricity and society.

     I look forward to working with you all.

 Masayuki Namba; Chairperson 2023-2024





Let's use the video


The following videos are publicly available (in Japanese): 


What is the principle of a speaker?  link to YouTube


What is the principle of a motor?  link to YouTube


What is electromagnetic induction?  link to YouTube


How can electric power be transmitted over long distances?  link to YouTube


You can also get experimental equipment, manuals, etc. associated with the videos.  Click Here






Let's read the book and booklets


The following books and booklets are published (in Japanese): 


Samuel Insull - A Forgotten Founder of the Electric Utility Business Model  Open the Guide


Vol.1 What Is Electricity?  Open the Booklet


Vol.2 Electricity in Our Life  Open the Booklet


Vol.3 Back to The Basics of Electricity  Open the Booklet


Vol.4 Back to The Basics of Electricity  Open the Booklet


Vol.5 How Is Electricity Generated?  Open the Booklet


Vol.6 How Is Electricity Stored?  Open the Booklet


Vol.7 Smart Use of Safe and Reliable Electricity  Open the Booklet


You can also get additional messages associated with the bolls and booklets.  Click Here



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